All products you order will be delivered to you within 2 business days or less anywhere in Nairobi A standard delivery fee of KES 350 will be charged for orders made within Nairobi Delivery is excluded on Sunday and public holidays.

Delivery Schedule

Monday All orders made during the weekend and before Monday 10am
Wednesday All orders made after Monday 10am up to Wednesday 10am
Friday All orders made after Wednesday 10am up to Friday 10 am
Saturday All orders made after Friday 10am up to Saturday 10 am

Commonly asked questions about Airi delivery

Do you deliver outside Nairobi?

  • Yes, Airi delivers everywhere in Kenya. For orders outside Nairobi a standard delivery fee of KES 450 is charged and a delivery period of 3 days or less is allocated.
  • What time will the courier deliver my order?

  • The courier delivers in the set schedule days between (10am- 6pm). You will be contacted by the courier on the day of delivery, prior to delivery to confirm location
  • My items have not arrived yet on the set day of my delivery. What can I do?

  • If your order has taken longer than the expected time allocated to arrive, please contact Airi customer care 0729 847 151 or email for assistance.