Labour Of Love

We pride ourselves in creating the highest level of quality achievable for hand woven goods and implement expert craftsmanship in our leather and horn work processes. All the practices in our value chain are ethical and responsible. This means;

  • Using responsibly sourced leather and cow horn
  • Using natural dyes for our sisal
  • Providing fair Labour wages to our artisans and weavers
  • Working with women to provide economic sustainability
  • The weaving

    Weaving is a tradition in Kenyan culture. Our weaving is done by an all-women initiative from the rural villages of Machakos County, Kenya. The bags are made out of sisal which is grown locally. The fibre from the sisal plant is extracted by a process known as decortication where leaves are crushed, beaten and brushed away by a rotating wheel so that only the fibre remains which is then rolled to twine, dyed and woven by our women who are experts in fine sisal weaving.

    The Leather and Horn work

    We use Nubuck leather to ensure the longevity and durability of our bags. The lining used is made of suede leather. We up-cycle cow horn into beautiful accent pieces that add value to our hand-woven bags. Our artisans go through a meticulous process of identifying the best quality horn which they expertly transform into glossy particoloured pieces.