Our Story

Airi is a Kenyan fashion company that was founded with two core agendas in mind: Fashion and Women empowerment. Women, more so African women, more often than not find themselves on the sidelines when it comes to matters of economic, social and even political empowerment. Instead, they bear the brunt of nurturing society which in turn turns its back on them.

All women deserve to feel beautiful, to feel acknowledged to feel empowered enough to live their lives as they would want. This is why we at Airi, strive to ensure that we create beautiful unique pieces that make our customers feel stylish and confident while also empowering and creating economic sustainability for the women who create them, this in accordance with our women empowerment principles.

Our Core Values

“Women are at the heart of our business. For we know their value both inside and out”

Our core values are :

Passion: This is the heart and soul of Airi. We love the process of creating. It drives us in our day-to-day operations.

Integrity: We are genuine, transparent, ethical, and fair.

Collaboration: To Airi, It always takes a village. This is why we fully commit to meaningful partnerships that add value our cause

Quality: Everything you buy at Airi has undergone numerous quality control measures to ensure that you receive the best.

Involvement: We are very hands-on in order to ensure that all our passion is visible in each unique product.